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Verna Lin: Pushing ESG Disclosure to Further Advance the Global Sustainability Agenda

Verna Lin: Pushing ESG Disclosure to Further Advance the Global Sustainability Agenda

Verna Lin, the Head of GRI’s Regional Hub for the Greater China Region, spoke to CDB on the sidelines of the 2020 CRO Global Summit to share her views on ESG disclosure in the region.

China's Top Ten Environmental Policies of 2019

China’s Top Ten Environmental Policies of 2019

The ten most important policies of the year for the promotion of environmental protection.

Chinese NGOs Going Out: the Global Environmental Institute

Chinese NGOs Going Out: the Global Environmental Institute

While the fires in the Amazon have caught international attention, the vast rainforests in another part of the world – Africa – are also vanishing at a threatening rate as foreign investment rises. CDB interviewed Global Environment Institute, a Beijing-based NGO, to talk about their projects promoting sustainable Chinese investment and trade in Africa.

Observations on the first half year of waste-sorting in Shanghai

On July 1, 2019, Shanghai launched a “first shot” at the classification of domestic waste. The Shanghai Municipal Regulations on domestic waste,?the most stringent ever released in China, stipulate that domestic waste must be sorted into four categories: dry waste, wet waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. Individuals and enterprises will be fined 50-200 yuan and 5,000-50,000 Yuan respectively if they are found to mix the different kinds of waste. An article published last Monday by Southern Weekly (南方周末), China’s most well-known investigative newspaper, has summed up the first 180 days of the new policy. According to the article, few people were initially optimistic about waste classification in Shanghai. However, …read more

Beijing Municipality publishes rules for the promotion of philanthropy

On December 4, Beijing Municipality published several provisions on promoting philanthropy which were deliberated and adopted at the 46th executive meeting of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on September 24, 2019, and came into force on January 1, 2020. The regulations are divided into five chapters: general provisions, charitable donations and donations, promotional measures, supervision and management, and supplementary provisions. In particular, they clarify that Beijing Municipal and District People’s governments should support and promote the development of philanthropy in their respective administrative areas, incorporate philanthropy into the national economic and social development plan, include the development funds of philanthropy into the government’s annual financial budget, optimize the development environment …read more

Calls for KFC to stop wasting plastic as Beijing prepares for new waste-sorting rules

Following in Shanghai’s footsteps, Beijing will also soon require residents to properly sort their trash or face fines. The 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress voted to adopt the decision to amend the “regulations on the administration of Beijing municipality’s solid waste” on November 27. The?amendment will come into force on May 1, 2020. The new rules divide up garbage into four distinct categories: kitchen waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste, and other waste. Individuals who violate the regulations?risk fines of?no less than 50 and no more than 200 yuan. It will also be forbidden to produce and sell ultra-thin plastic bags anywhere in …read more

CASS releases blue book of corporate social responsibility for 2019

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has released the “Blue Book of Corporate Social Responsibility 2019”. The press conference for the Blue Book’s release was held alongside the second “Beijing Responsibility Exhibition” (北京責任展) on the 17th of November. The occasion was organized by the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum. This is the eleventh consecutive year that the CASS research team releases the “Blue Book of CSR”, which has become the most authoritative and influential social responsibility research report in China. It systematically analyzes the top?100 state-owned enterprises, the top 100 private enterprises, the top?100 foreign companies, and …read more

New central committee document emphasizes role of social organizations as service providers

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee has reviewed and approved the “Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Adhering to and Improving the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics and Advancing the National Governance System and the Modernization of Governance Capabilities” (hereinafter referred to as the “Decision”). An article by the Charity Times, China’s most respected publication on the philanthropy and non-profit sectors, notes that the document contains a few specifications that are of interest to charities and social organizations. Some of the requirements of the “Decision” relevant to?the charity sector are as follows: “China will adhere to and improve the urban …read more

Security guard wins lawsuit after getting fired for being pregnant

Security guard wins lawsuit after getting fired for being pregnant

A woman who was fired because of her pregnancy wins lawsuits against her former employer.

How a Beijing Community Uses Technology to Sort its Waste

How a Beijing Community Uses Technology to Sort its Waste

Beijing will soon enforce new waste-sorting rules, following on Shanghai’s heels. CDB went to see how one of the city’s communities uses technology to sort its waste.

German foundation Hanns Seidel Stifftung registers office in Zhejiang

German foundation Hanns Seidel Stifftung registers office in Zhejiang

The Public Security Department’s Overseas NGO Management Office in Zhejiang Province and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education recently issued a registration certificate for the local Representative Office of Hanns Seidel Stifftung (Germany).

Ten social organisations in Yunnan fail to pass their annual inspection

In another sign that the new regulations for the management of social organisations are being strictly applied, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yunnan province has reported that ten social organisations have been found to be unqualified during their annual inspections for 2018. The Civil Affairs Bureau’s notice claims that out of the 1298 social organisations in Yunnan that were supposed to submit to the annual inspection, 1097 organisations actually did so. 978 organisations were found to be qualified (合格), 89 were found to be “basically qualified” (基本合格), and 10 were found to be unqualified (不合格). The ten unqualified?social organisations include foundations purporting to be working in the areas of education, …read more

Report shows effectiveness of Shanghai's waste-sorting after 100 days of implementation

Report shows effectiveness of Shanghai’s waste-sorting after 100 days of implementation

A recent inspection reveals that the implementation of the new rules has exceeded expectations

Can Shanghai become a model city for waste sorting?

Can Shanghai become a model city for waste sorting?

Editor’s Note This is an abridged and adapted translation of a piece by Guo Peiyuan (郭沛源), the Chairman of SynTao Green Finance and co-founder and General Manager of SynTao, published on SynTao’s WeChat account on the 1st of July 2019. You can read the original here.   After officially passing the?“Shanghai Municipal Domestic Garbage Management Rules” on July 1st, Shanghai is now the first city in China to enforce waste sorting through legislation. There are?many cities in the country that have already tried to popularize?waste sorting, but in most cases it has simply been advocated on a voluntary basis, without any compulsory?requirements, and the final results have been disappointing. What’s …read more

American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine registers representative office in Hainan

The overseas NGO management office of the Hainan public security department recently issued a registration certificate to the Hainan representative office of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). The head of the Hainan health committee and the chief representative of the Hainan representative office of A4M both attended the ceremony. The head of the overseas NGO management office first congratulated A4M on successfully registering their representative office, and then put forward three working requirements: First of all, they should strictly follow the OGO Management Law to carry out activities in China, and help the construction of Hainan’s free trade zone. Secondly, A4M should submit an annual activity plan and …read more

Chinese civil society helps to provide relief in the aftermath of the Yibin earthquake

At 22:55 on June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Changning County near Yibin, a city in Sichuan province, China. By June 18 the earthquake had killed 13 people, with about 200 injured. According to the information from the news office of the People’s Government of Yibin, after the earthquake happened the Finance Department quickly launched a financial emergency plan and opened a “green channel” to allocate funds. At 11:30 on June 18, the first emergency relief fund of 10 million yuan was allocated to the disaster-affected areas for emergency rescue and relief. At the same time, many civil society organizations also actively participated in the disaster relief operations. Once …read more

Environmental group Airman traverses China looking for illegal polluters

Airman (好空氣保衛俠) is an environmental protection group founded by activist Zhao Liang in 2014. The organization brings together young people to travel the country armed with nothing but their eyesights, sense of smell and a pollution monitoring phone app to find and report illegal polluters. Since it’s founding, the organization has traveled to 28 provinces, investigated sites in 90 cities, and worked on more than 500 environmental rectification cases. This year,?it has been nominated for the SEE Ecological award. Founder Zhao Liang was?active in environmental efforts long before founding Airman. In 2012 photos of Zhao jumping into a freezing lake to save a flock of Oriental Storks that had been …read more

Points of No Return - an Interview with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace

Points of No Return – an Interview with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace

In this wide-ranging interview with CDB, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace Jennifer Morgan discusses her organization’s strategies in China and worldwide, the importance of fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity and the fallout from the Paris agreement.